SCBSThe Sooke Classical Boating Society was registered in August of 2010 as a not-for-profit society to receive the transfer of the two Longboats and other assets from the previous owner, The Edward Milne Community School Society, and to undertake their preservation and maintenance.

The EMCSS had had the responsibility for the two longboats since their launching in 1991. Due to changes in finances and mandate, that Society by 2010 was no longer in a position to continue its maintenance role.

A First Directors Group was formed to make application for the registration of the new Society and to move forward with the gathering of members, both from regular users and supporters of the longboats, and from new participants.
The Inaugural Meeting of the SCBC was held on October 30 of 2010. The First Directors were confirmed as the Directors and Executive for the first year of operation. Membership in the year following that meeting has risen to 55.

Executive & Directors:

President – Linda MacMillan
Secretary – Dawn Eddleman
Treasurer – Judi Conwright
Membership – Linda MacMillan/Dawn Eddleman
Boat Master – Ken and Marion Butler
Coxswain Liaison – Lesley Wells
Margaret Smith
Curt Maxwell
RuthAnne Todoroff
Kathleen Stevens, Archive and Scrapbook
Ken and Marion Butler, Boat Masters


  • To preserve and maintain the replica longboats, T’Sou-Ke and Dona Rosa for the Sooke Area
  • To offer a Longboat Program for the Sooke Area
  • To offer educational and recreational maritime programs for the public.
  • To represent the Sooke Area in community events.
  • To participate in maritime festivals and events in the Pacific North West.
  • To provide training opportunities for aspiring crew and coxswains.

Jenkins Marine Industries is our “home” on the Basin